Office Desk A106

  • Shape: A desk for managers that meets all needs.
  • made of the finest types of SPANISH MDF wood, in addition to sizes and colors that give you a sense of luxury and sophistication. The office is large in size, very suitable for the main office rooms of major companies.
  • It comes with a unique modern design that combines classic and chic with modernity. The office is a distinctive brown color inlaid with Islamic motifs in black.
  • The desk comes in addition to a side and a table.
  • The desk is large, up to 180 cm. It has a set of drawers, very practical to use
  • Usage: It can be used in the main offices of large companies, and it can also be used in engineering offices, private clinics, and in the main offices of banks and authorities.
  • Surface : anti scratch & bacteria and water & heat resistance.
  • You can order the product easily and you can also complete the rest of the elegant collection of our products such as، OFFICE CHAIR B116 and SLED TYPE MESH CHAIR B110

Code: A106


Size: 180 cm


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